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Camera leather covers for Leica M

When a classic Leica M2, Leica M3, M4 or Leica M5 is overhauled in the workshop, it often makes sense to also consider replacing the leather covering.

To be precise, classic Leica M cameras do not have leather coverings, they do a coating of so-called vulcanite. However, over the many years of use and storage, the material becomes porous and susceptible to damage. It is not uncommon for small  parts of the coating at the edges and as a result larger and larger parts of the vulcanite break out. With many Leica M5s, one notices larger air pockets under the bulging vulcanite coating. Here the material has already separated from the substrate and is only held together by surface tension. The next time the camera pushes, the vulcanite bursts open over a large area.

For the Leica M3 cameras from the 1950s, which are now more than 70 years old replacement leathers are always available from the manufacturer. As of late, these are only available to Leica factory customer service customers as part of a revision.

That's why we now create custom-fit replacement leather covers for classic Leica M ourselves.

Our Cuts based on the material of Japan Hobby Tool synthetic leather 4008 for Leica cameras are available for Leica M2, M3, M4 and Leica M5.

The decorative 0.7mm thick synthetic leather - Made in Japan - resembles the original materials in look and feel. We cut the material with a 125W CO2 laser camera-specifically.

We only offer camera leather coverings as part of a workshop overhaul, we do not sell them individually.

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