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"The virtual branch" | Selling and buying cameras on the Internet offers the sale, purchase and valuation of selected analog and digital used cameras and lenses in very good optical and technical condition.

We are not a stationary photo retailer and do not have a "traditional" shop, but buy and sell over 95% of used cameras and lenses over the Internet.
The local photo dealers usually no longer offer "opportunities" that previously filled entire shop windows with second-hand goods. The photo shops only rarely offer the purchase of used photo technology or the sale on commission. A trade-in is usually only offered in connection with a new purchase.

The" ox tour "through the cities and shops that was common in the past is no longer effective, neither when buying nor when selling used photo equipment, especially since there are fewer and fewer photo shops even in the big cities.

Anyone looking for a selection of used Leica or Hasselblad cameras, for example, will no longer find them in the photo stores.
offers against this a search on the Internet a colorful selection of offers, from defective hobbyist goods to cameras with function and corresponding warranty to special collector's items. So what is closer?

Although supply and demand are not moving spatially closer, they are still only " one click "apart. With meaningful article pictures, accurate descriptions, fast shipping and the advantages of returning the goods if they are not satisfied, the customer enjoys advantages that also compensate for some of the disadvantages of the "earlier, analogue world" of retail. And you don't have to go without personal advice and service on the Internet. You can contact us as a seller at any time - before and after a purchase - and by phone and email.

Our business model is based on trust and without your leap of faith it would not work. Thousands of customers and very good reviews show our success in our daily efforts to ensure the satisfaction of our customers.


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