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Camera repair, CLA (Clean, Lubricate, Adjust), restoration

A camera is normally not exposed to the stress and wear and tear that the parts of a car are subject to, for example. Camera repairs are therefore usually not referred to as “damage”, but rather as “cleaning, lubricating and adjusting”, the usual maintenance steps of a CLA service (cleaning, lubricating, adjusting).

However, damage such as deformation of the housing or worn worms or gears requires not only repairs, but also available spare parts. Camera repairs are difficult in this context because spare parts are no longer feasible for many models. Electronic components are particularly affected here.

The restoration of a camera is different from a repair and a CLA. Here, sliding surfaces are also ground and polished, housing parts are re-chromed, engravings are repaired and colored, and leather covers are replaced.

The terms are usually used synonymously; we also speak of “workshop-reconditioned and repaired” cameras. By this we mean a thorough CLA, possibly also the repair of some functions, but we do not carry out a restoration. With our repair services, we ensure the preservation or creation of functional and practical value for a historical camera. Cameras with visibly heavy signs of use or even signs of wear are not a suitable basis for a workshop overhaul and repair.

On request and if there is free capacity, we are happy to repair - after consultation - also on behalf of the customer.

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“CLA” is the most common service for cameras and lenses that have not been used for years and/or cameras that are used frequently and require regular maintenance. The chances of success of a CLA are based on the assumption that all "vital" functions of the camera are functional or nearly functional and require only cleaning, lubrication and adjustment to restore the original functions for the body and a lens.
Defective cameras (in the sense of damage) such as drop damage, torn shutter curtains, bent shutter blades, moisture damage, exposure to sand or conditions outside the limits of the normal aging process do NOT fall into the regular CLA category and always require a feasibility study and cost estimate first. This will take place as soon as your camera is on the work table, which will only take place a few weeks AFTER we have confirmed receipt of the camera. The cost estimate is therefore always made immediately BEFORE the repair.
Cleaning of lens optics/lenses:
When cleaning optical components, it is impossible to remove all dust particles from inside a lens. Although we wish we could remove 100% of the particles, we do not have access to laboratory-grade sterile negative pressure facilities. However, every effort is made to carefully remove as much dust as possible.
Please also note that although most glass fungi and clouding can be removed, some cases of fungus and clouding can damage the surfaces of the glass have changed and leave lasting traces in the coatings.


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