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Guarantee of confidence when buying used cameras

The contents of this page “at a glance”:

  • Many of the items we offer are workshop-checked and overhauled *.
  • In addition to the statutory warranty of 12 months, you receive a real guarantee * on the services of the workshop - i.e. a functional commitment for 12 months.
  • 30 days return option (right of withdrawal)* 

  • Workshop-tested and / or overhauled articles with a guarantee are marked accordingly and described in the article description.

We sell 95% of the used cameras and lenses on the Internet.

Das Online-Geschäft unterscheidet sich natürlich vom stationären Handel, also dem Gebrauchtkamera-Kauf im Ladengeschäft und baut besonders stark auf

Fairness und Vertrauen.

Als Händler wissen wir um diese Distanz zwischen Ihnen und uns und bieten deshalb unseren Internet-Kunden einen besonderen Service und Vertrauensvorschuss, indem wir (auch aufgrund gesetzlicher Verpflichtungen) verbraucherfreundliche Zusagen machen und Rechte gewähren wie das Widerrufsrecht, das die unkomplizierte Rückgabe eines Internetkaufes garantiert.

Wir wollen, dass Sie vollständig zufrieden sind.
Erwin Schlumpberger | Telefon 07181-976 26 26 (Mo-Fr. 9:00 – 18:00 Uhr)

This includes a trusting relationship on both sides.

All cameras, lenses and photo accessories that we buy are first checked "on sight" for their functionality.

For many items we also offer an extended visual inspection by an experienced specialist workshop (see overview of the seals at the end of this page).

We do not make mistakes in the assessment and description deliberately and no, we do not know everything, often less than our customers, who have certainly already dealt with a single item or a special topic much more deeply than we can in the breadth of our range .

Therefore, please check the article immediately upon receipt and give us feedback if there are any abnormalities.

You have 30 days to do this (right of withdrawal), within this period we will work with you to find and offer the most customer-friendly solution.

5 good reasons why you can buy from us with confidence:

  • 100% very good ratings e.g. on ebay are certainly well founded.
  • Our service status is rated “above average” by ebay.
  • Our defect rate is only 0.37% (as of December 2020).
  • The return rate for fixed price offers is a low 2.85%.
  • These values ​​speak for themselves, but because we sell used old cameras and photo accessories that are usually older than 25 years, usually even 40-50 years old, these are absolute dream values, for us as sellers and for you as buyers.
  • Point 1 should stay that way.
  • We stand by errors or problems with the goods, undetected defects or other anomalies that may only emerge after you have received the goods. Of course, such cases are annoying, but not inevitable. We sell old, classic cameras.
  • In any case, with your constructive help, we will create a customer-friendly balance and work with you to find a good solution.
  • Your statutory consumer rights remain unaffected.
  • I can be reached by phone and email from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and will respond at short notice.
  • You can pay via PayPal and thus also enjoy PayPal buyer protection.

We buy and sell cameras and lenses in an age-appropriate, outstanding condition that is worth preserving.

These articles are optically in an age-appropriate, very beautiful condition and functionally checked by an (independent) specialist workshop and fully functional within the usual age-related tolerances. Any abnormalities in this test are described if they can be identified.

Such cameras and lenses in an age-appropriate outstanding and top condition worth preserving are marked with our "Classic Seal - Top Condition".

But we also know that
Around 75% of all old cameras (or lenses) have some kind of mechanical defect and their function is impaired as a result - sometimes more, usually less
there is no camera that is not prone to some (usually several) types of defects

If defects are identified during the inspection by the specialist workshop, these are rectified as part of a thorough technical revision and the item is then offered as "Premium - including revision / maintenance", see the "Premium seal" next to it.

This means that these cameras and lenses are not “only” in an “age-appropriate condition”, like many other cameras and lenses of their age after decades without any maintenance or overhaul. offers you a serviced, overhauled camera (or lens) and, in addition to the statutory 12-month guarantee, a 12-month guarantee on the work listed in the item description.
Overview of the "classic cameras" seal
description 30 days "trust guarantee"  exceptional top condition  including revision | maintenance | repair  including revision | maintenance | repair at Leica
30 days return policy
"Visual inspection" of the essential functions
advanced exam by an experienced specialist workshop
  1. Check shutter speeds and measure with professional measuring devices
  2. Check light meter and with professional Measure measuring devices
  3. Check transport
  4. Check housing, check light seals
  5. Check lens for technical and optical abnormalities
serviced | repaired item * by experienced specialist workshop
  1. Clean, adjust, repair, replace closures
  2. Adjust light meter, repair it, adjust to new batteries
  3. Clean, relubricate, repair transport
  4. Clean housing, replace light seals, general inspection
  5. Clean and relubricate the worm thread on lenses
  6. Clean the inner lens system
  7. Clean the cover mechanism, clean the cover slats, Adjust sharpness, general review and control
* The work actually required and carried out (1-7) can be found in the item description.

(at Leica Consumer Care in Wetzlar)
Guarantee 12 months 12 months 12 months 12 months
Guarantee 12 months - on those in the Item description listed work of the workshop 12 months - on those in the Item description listed work of the workshop

 All information on returns and revocations (according to the right of revocation) refer to distance selling, i.e. mail order, e.g. via ebay or our online shop.

*We grant a retailer's guarantee for products marked accordingly.

Warranty conditions:

In addition to the statutory warranty rights (warranty) to which you are entitled, we grant you 12 Months after purchase, a voluntary dealer guarantee on the goods advertised with the guarantee promise. The period for calculating the warranty period begins with the invoice date. Our guarantee extends geographically to the state of the Federal Republic of Germany. The guarantee is limited to the workshop services listed in the respective item description and can only be claimed by the buyer who purchased the goods directly from us. The guarantee claim cannot be passed on to third parties.>

If during this period errors occur in the workshop services on the goods you have purchased, we will grant you a free repair of the goods within the scope of the guarantee, insofar as it is technical possible and e.g. spare parts are available.

In the event of a warranty claim, please contact us as the guarantor.

Warranty claims are excluded in the event of damage to the goods caused by

  • Abusive or improper handling
  • Environmental influences (humidity, heat, overvoltage, dust, etc.)
  • Failure to observe any safety precautions
  • Failure to follow the operating instructions
  • Use of force (e.g. hit, bump, fall)
  • unauthorized repair attempts
  • normal wear and tear

One Claiming the guarantee requires that you allow us to check the guarantee case in advance by sending in the goods. Freight costs and freight risk are to be borne by the customer. Please ensure that the packaging is sufficiently good and that the shipping insurance is correspondingly high. As part of the guarantee process, the return shipment is carriage paid for you and is insured by us.

To apply for the guarantee, you must enclose a copy of the original invoice with the shipment. We ask for your understanding that we can refuse the guarantee service without enclosing this copy of the invoice. Sending the copy of the invoice serves to calculate the guarantee period.


Your statutory rights in the event of defects are not restricted by this guarantee promise and can be overridden by are available to you free of charge. Any existing statutory warranty rights towards us remain unaffected by this guarantee promise.

If you have any questions about warranty rights and dealer guarantees, the differences and the respective special features, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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