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Gold-plated, decorated with crocodile leather and in small special editions: "Golden" cameras were available as special editions from almost all camera manufacturers. However, most of the copies did not make it as an investment over the decades

Thank you for your interest in selling your camera.
First, a few basic thoughts. About memorabilia, use values ​​and collector's values.

We receive many dozen inquiries every day according to the value of a camera and its sale or purchase. We are very pleased with this interest.

However, only a few pieces “make it” into our range. This is due to our specialization on (a few) special core brands . Each retailer has their own preferences - and concentrates on the range that is essential to them in order to meet their quality standards.

Our core brands are in particular Leica, Hasselblad and Fujifilm.
We are also interested in the milestones of photo history, selected, photo-historically valuable and rare pieces, cameras and lenses with special features and sought-after properties. All well-known manufacturers such as Canon, Nikon, Contax, Olympus, Zeiss, Voigtländer have these special models that arouse desire at the time and to this day.

When purchasing or sale, certain basic requirements always apply that constitute a “value” (or not). Not every “treasure” is “worth the same” to every dealer. And not every dealer will buy every “any” camera. A value is always measured by the existing interest, and there are different forms of this. Different purchase prices are completely normal, as is the fact that no interest does not justify a purchase, even though the same camera may well be in demand elsewhere.

We would be happy to support you in selling your camera equipment and help with an initial “value assessment”.

Basically, 80% of all cameras that are offered to us are “worth” less than €25. That may be disappointing, but seriously: most old cameras would have been thrown away long ago if they didn't fit in drawers.

That's what this is about Page.
  1. You want to sell an old camera. There are certainly good reasons to part with it, but are there also good reasons to get one? In fact, there are far more people who want to get rid of their old cabinet finds than those who want to put these items in the closet.
  2. Old cameras in the closet are usually not gold. If old cameras brought in high prices, cameras would be a reserve currency.
  3. Cameras are not always becoming more valuable. Or do you still have your old toaster from the 70s in your cupboard?
The most valuable thing about old cameras are always the memories that were recorded with them. Otherwise it is mostly just old, used cameras.

After all these years, grandfather's old sofa is not more valuable because you could sit comfortably in it for so long and by throwing it over it could almost be kept in its new condition over the decades.

Why is that?

The digital cameras in modern smartphones are simply practical, small and easy to use. They are fun and, with the help of supporting automatics and electronics, simply great pictures.

The Huawei P30 Pro smartphone has 3 excellent Leica lenses from ultra-wide-angle to super- Tele and fits in every pocket. The “always with you camera” has become a reality in the digital age and contributes to an enormous spread of photographic interest.

Many criticize the now “inflationary flood of images” - and the ambivalence between increasing numbers If the quality drops, there is no need to argue here - the new technology has made access to photography much easier.
In my youth, people wished for confirmation (1981):
  • Computer (didn't exist yet)
  • Camera
  • Video camera
  • Stereo system
  • Compass
  • Flashlight
  • Telescope
  • Bicycle
  • God's blessing and a note from my aunt

Today (almost) everything is possible:

Huawai P30Pro Smartphone
192g incl. Accu

price ca. 700.-€

The basic interest in photography has probably always existed, the analog technology and the sheer size and scope of some photographic equipment did not give everyone joyful access to photography.

From this point of view, “analog photography” is out. You won't find anyone today who wants to capture everyday moments with camera equipment from the past century, with outdated, outdated, bulky technology.

And so you can bid for a Minolta 7000 camera with autofocus, motor winder and automatic program control, which was very modern in the 1990s, on ebay for 13.- EUR.

That is the “value” of this camera and many interested parties who are offering me your “sweetheart” for purchase today are completely surprised that the good piece - which has not been used for years in some drawers - has not become more expensive and valuable.

Many old cameras only become more and more expensive and valuable when they are remembered.

Basically, every camera has a value, for many pieces this “value” was created in the past in the form of beautiful pictures and memories, ie in the form of a “useful value”. Correspondingly, after all this time, the value is "used up" to a certain extent.

And no, most cameras do not become more valuable if you use them lets lie even longer. Over time, the “old” mechanics, which are provided with lubricants, that gum up when not in use. If stored incorrectly, lenses will build up mold and fungus or become matt, and the coating of the glasses is often irreparably damaged. Batteries leak, plastics such as rubber parts and seals become porous and dissolve.

In my opinion, a camera for € 13 should be disposed of in the electronic waste.

An initial assessment

Which cameras are still interesting then?

Basically, every camera has a value. For the vast majority of pieces, this “value” has already been created in the past in the form of beautiful images and impressions, i.e. as “memory value”. Accordingly, the value of the camera used for this purpose has to a certain extent been “used up” or “moved to the photo album” after all this time. 

There is still a lively used market for many of these pieces, mainly on eBay. But high “memory values” alone are not matched by significant market values. If there is at least a certain use value, then this represents the actual (albeit usually low) “value”.

In addition to a "usage value" - which can still be present today in inexpensive cameras - values ​​that arise particularly in classic cameras also count here:

  • value 
  • Worth remembering
  • Collectible value
  • Rarity value ...

The more such values ​​a camera has, the more worth preserving and attractive the item becomes.

This is where the expertise of specialist retailers comes into play to recognize these values ​​and contribute to increasing value, through revision and repair or even through warranty.

You can find out with our help what values ​​your camera achieves, whether it is perhaps a sought-after collector's item or "just" a flea market item. Use the contact options.

Special collector's values

The camera pictured above (middle)  is a common example that is often available and is often offered for sale. Basically nothing special. But anyone who sees the inconspicuous * on the lens knows how special this lens is. The difference between an everyday offering and a special rarity is marginal and can only be recognized through expertise.

The collector market

In the analog sector, collectors are particularly interested in selected, photo-historically valuable and rare pieces. This market mainly takes place in "closed" collector and dealer circles at specialized exchanges and international auctions and is limited to a few models and brands, especially classic Leica cameras. Especially in this special market, the professional expertise and special market knowledge of the purchasing dealer is crucial in order to be able to recognize and correctly evaluate the rarities at Leica: pre-war and special models, pre-series models (zero series) and prototypes, factory cameras and cameras with small quantities and special serial numbers , special editions e.g. made for the Bundeswehr or the Deutsche Post.

Thanks to our focus - especially on Leica - we have the experience and also the "network". We are very grateful to have been able to rely on the expertise of experts from the Leica town of Wetzlar for years when we receive important Leica rarities and rare collector's items for purchase and evaluation. This gives us and our customers the security of a qualified assessment at all times, especially for special exhibits.


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