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Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, analogue photography is currently rising to new heights. Film sales continue to grow and analogue photography is reaching new generations of photographers. Demand is also driving up prices for analogue cameras and photographic film. Classic cameras like the Leica M6 have doubled their value in the past 2 years and camera icons like the Contax T2 are experiencing an incredible price increase because Hollywood stars and social media influencers are discovering analog photography for themselves and the new passion with their Share with followers.


However, access to analog photography also requires access to functioning camera technology

Due to the high age of many pieces and the use and storage - often over decades - defects and abnormalities are usually to be expected. Gummy shutters, lack of lubrication, porous light seals, cloudiness in the lenses... only a few old cameras and lenses do not show the problems typical of their age.

Repairs are expensive, repair shops are rare, spare parts are increasingly scarce.

But in order to continue making as many classic cameras as possible usable for photography and values To be maintained or regained, these pieces must be refurbished, maintained and repaired .

Many hundreds of our classic cameras are overhauled every year and we want to keep this option in the long term. Specialist knowledge and testing and measuring technology should be preserved and passed on.

We are looking for ideas and possibilities but especially after the employees who understand this craft and support us with their knowledge, build up or continue a workshop.

Feel free to contact us.


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