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Camera revision (inspection), camera repair and workshop service, CLA

What you need to know as a buyer of classic cameras:

Our buying experience shows that around 80% of all old cameras have some kind of mechanical defect and are therefore impaired in their function - sometimes more, usually less.

At you will therefore receive workshop-tested and overhauled analog cameras and lenses * with a real guarantee on the services of the workshop.

* Articles that have been refurbished in the workshop are marked and described accordingly.

Camera revision at

Extraordinary classic cameras with a convincing optical condition receive special attention through the additional technical revision. Here we carry out a review, function test and cleaning for most of our Leica and Hasselblad cameras (and lenses). In the event of technical anomalies, the camera receives a repair service.

If a camera is opened for a necessary inspection and repair in the workshop, a "general overhaul" is usually useful in this context. The entire mechanism is dismantled, greased and re-lubricated. Certain typical wearing parts such as light seals are replaced. The camera shutter is adjusted, the camera is cleaned and checked as a whole. One also speaks of CLA (Clean, Lubricate, Adjust), information can be found on this page below.

If necessary, Leica lenses are also subjected to a technical revision by us, in which, for example, the focusing (screw) is re-lubricated, the diaphragm mechanism is revised and the lens is cleaned. With Hasselblad lenses, the central shutter is usually overhauled.

As a rule, our customers buy a completely refurbished Leica camera in excellent optical and technical condition. 
After extensive maintenance, the buyer can usually expect his camera to continue to operate for years and even decades.

Cameras and lenses that are in excellent condition for their age and that have already undergone a technical revision are marked with our “Premium Seal: workshop overhauled”. There is a 12 month guarantee on the services of the workshop.

Leica Customer Care - Customer service

Some of our Leica cameras and lenses are overhauled by “Leica Consumer Care” in Wetzlar. With Leica lenses, for example, the 6-bit coding is subsequently supplemented and combined with an overall adjustment.
Cameras and lenses overhauled by Leica customer service meet the exceptionally high quality standards of this provider.

A Leica service is comparatively expensive, but the camera is comprehensively checked and overhauled, i.e. the rangefinder fine-tuning, etc. is always carried out. The Leica Service is recommended for a "comprehensive complete overhaul". Individual repairs such as the locking process are only carried out as part of an overall review.

What is the difference between a repair and CLA (Clean, Lubricate, Adjust)

The abbreviation CLA stands for the three English words "Clean, Lubricate, Adjust". Translated, this means something like "cleaning, lubricating, adjusting". When we speak of a "repair" here, there is usually no real defect in the form of a broken thing, i.e. in the sense of damage. Nevertheless, we also speak of "repair" when it comes to a CLA service, because basically it is about an impairment or functional restriction such as hardened lubricants (resinification) or dirt deposits and the like. to eliminate. The camera or lens is largely dismantled, cleaned and reassembled with high-quality grease, then adjusted and checked. In addition, defective components can be replaced or repaired if necessary.

A CLA or repair does not represent a full restoration, i.e. the camera is not in a new cosmetic condition afterwards.

A prerequisite for an overhaul that adds value is always a good general condition. If the check reveals, for example, that there is considerable wear, this can usually not be completely compensated for by a CLA or repair.


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