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The Leica Leicameter is a light meter for use on Leica M cameras that do not have a built-in light meter.
So basically for use on the Leica M, M2, M3 and Leica M4. From the Leica M5 and Leica M6, the exposure meter is already in the camera.

The Leicameter is attached to the camera's accessory shoe and connects to the exposure time control wheel. By setting a light value on the Leicameter, the shutter speed is "transmitted" to the camera via the coupling.

Leicameter MC

The first Leicameter off 1950's exposure meters are equipped with a selenium cell and function without a battery. Due to the meanwhile old age and the "expiry time" of the substance selenium, the measurement is "experimental", most of the old Leicameters with selenium cells are defective and irreparable today.

Leicameters MR

1963 appears the Leicameter MR with a new type of CdS cell that is dependent on a battery.

Many cameras and light meters like the Leicameter used to use the PX 625 / 1.35V batteries, these contained mercury and are no longer available for environmental reasons. Alternatively, the current, mercury-free 1.5V batteries V625U can be used. The otherwise available 1.3 V zinc / air batteries do not prove themselves, they have a rapid voltage drop and this results in unreliable exposure measurements. With the Leicameter MR, if batteries with too high a voltage (1.5V instead of 1.35V) are used, up to 3 light values ​​too many are displayed, the moving-coil instrument is not aligned with the deviating voltage.

Leicameter MR, which are in good condition, are adjusted by the specialist workshop so that when using current Varta V625U (A) batteries * with 1.5V (instead of 1.35V ) the deviation of the exposure (measurement) is taken into account accordingly. This means that an adjusted Leicameter can be operated without restriction with standard batteries.

* according to e.g. Duracell button cell Alkaline V625U / LR9 / PX625A

Unfortunately, this also applies to many LeicaMeter MR today whose electronics are now irreparably defective. The light meter must first be checked in order to check the chances of repair.


A modern alternative to the classic LeicaMeter clip-on exposure meters is the KEKS Exposure Meter - Keks Exposure Meter Digital EM-01

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