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The camera purchase | Leica M10 as an example

Leica mainly produces cameras and binoculars in Wetzlar, Hesse, which are world class in their respective fields. Especially in the photo industry, Leica has earned an excellent reputation for the excellent quality of its cameras and lenses. An important quality feature of Leica cameras is production in Germany, which guarantees control over the individual production steps.

The Leica M series is one of the most traditional camera model series in the world. The first Leica M3 came onto the market in 1954 and was a milestone in camera history. Leica entered the digital age of camera technology late in 2006 with the Leica M8, but only achieved great sales success in 2009 with the successor model, the Leica M9. The Leica M10 has continued this success since 2017. Like every model in the M series at its time, the M10 was also able to set new standards, with the balance between tradition and technical innovation seeming to have been excellent.

Since 2021, the Leica M11 has been the current Leica M model came onto the market, and so numerous Leica M10s find their way onto the second-hand market.

Leica M10 purchase price

For a used Leica M10 you get depending on the type, version and condition at least 3,300 EUR.
When purchasing, characteristics such as condition, year of production, serial numbers, special copies, accessories such as original packaging, etc. play an important role. a price-determining role.
Since the year of publication 2017, there have been a number of variations and models within the Leica M10 family, which mean corresponding price premiums, up to to the collector's editions*.

  • Leica M10
  • Leica M10 Zagato Edition *
  • Leica M10-P Ghost Edition *
  • Leica M10-P WHITE Edition *
  • Leica M10-P "Reporter" *
  • Leica M10-P
  • Leica M10-P Safari *
  • Leica M10-D 
  • Leica M10 monochrome
  • Leica M10 monochrome Leitz Wetzlar *
  • Leica M10-R
  • Leica M10-R painted black

Most Leica M10 are in a very well maintained and clean condition. The factory-applied protective film is often on can still be found on the bottom plate. Also are often the Original packaging still available. All of these circumstances work price increases when buying a camera.

We would be happy to buy your Leica M10, please contact us.


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