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Die Fotografie mit Leica M liegt im Trend. Hier finden Sie ein paar Links und Hinweise zum Erwerb einer gebrauchten Leica M.

Leica M purchase advice

"Analog" Leica trend factor

The Leica camera market has grown in strength in recent years, and this applies in particular to the used market for classic, analog models. But this development is not the same in all areas, top prices are paid for lenses and cameras in perfect condition. A 100% beautiful "as good as new" collector's camera can easily cost several times the price of a "normally used, well-maintained" Leica.

The mechanical condition is important because the Most cameras today are intended for use instead of the showcase. Repairs are expensive and spare parts are becoming increasingly scarce, so that a "good basis" is crucial for a purchase decision. Beautiful pieces in a condition worth preserving justify an elaborate technical overhaul of the camera and thus ensure value retention.

At you can get many reconditioned Leica cameras and lenses in excellent optical and technical condition with a 12 month guarantee the services of the workshop. Workshop overhauled Leica cameras and lenses are marked accordingly.

Anyone who deals with Leica photography and especially with Leica M rangefinder technology (perhaps for the first time) should be prepared for special features and surprises. Ideally, you can access a lot of valuable experience to form your opinion before you buy a (first) analog or digital Leica M.

The Internet provides plenty of reports here. Some sources that inspire me are:

An inexhaustible reference work on Leica photography.

Thorsten Overgaard is a Danish publicist for photo literature and a photographer. He organizes courses and excursions on photography and travels the world in the process. I like to read his mostly extensive treatises on certain Leica M cameras and lenses, but sometimes I think that I wouldn't visit any of his exhibitions. I find only a few of his recordings particularly or particularly exciting, but that is a matter of opinion.
if you are rich enough to spend $ 998 on an eBook on photography that at least helps Mr. Overgaard finance his apparently extravagant lifestyle. And those who "have the chance" to purchase the same eBook at a special discount for only $ 9.95 will probably also tend to "take part in coffee trips".

Self-marketing goes today with the Self-portrayal and self-staging on the Internet go hand in hand.

Also Ken Rockwell has been building up a comprehensive and in large part interesting and well-founded reference work on the subject of photo technology for decades. And if you don't follow the link at "I support my growing family through this website, as crazy as it might seem" , that saves you the shame of others for photographs and content that Ken Rockwell" slams "out of his family album there.
probably nobody really wants to know so much private information ... or even support financially.

This is similar to the membership of Thorsten Overgaard and his wife Joy Villa in Scientology, about which one can disturb one another as well as open to them showcased sympathy and support for Donald Trump, the Joy Villa as little talented C-celebrity is likely to secure media attention. But if you, as a reader at Overgaard or Rockwell, have come across such content at some point, you are already outside the technical topics of the "Boulevard". And then it is like RTL: You can switch off at any time.

On this page I have already read many of the personal experiences and opinions of the author Claus Sassenberg about Leica cameras and selected Leica lenses and have often benefited from them when making my own purchase decisions. I also feel quite addressed by the described "dichotomy" and the enthusiasm for using digital and analog camera technology. 

Addendum: At I buy and sell a lot from "dentists" (when buying) and to "dentists" (sales) when I was looking for a stereotypical comparison for my Leica customers. Anyone who buys a classic analog Leica camera from me is not primarily concerned with a "bargain", but primarily with quality and trust in a beautiful camera with practical value, i.e. a camera that has been refurbished in the workshop. An additional price is justified for this and is gladly paid for. When I buy something, it is similar, here I am often offered the most beautiful pieces because the overhaul and repair work preserves values ​​(often inherited memorabilia) and the restored use value creates new values ​​that often enable a tradition to be continued. When I saw Claus Sassenberg's website, I always thought, "definitely a dentist". And today I took a look at his imprint ...

Patrick Ludolph writes well and takes photos well - exciting, interesting, informative, versatile - I visit his website often and with pleasure. I found YouTube through the vlogs of the Hamburg photographer and many of his key messages are clear instructions for me. Thanks very much.

As a retailer and competitor, I am fascinated by this selection and quantity of used Leica cameras and lenses that Foto Görlitz presents on the Internet and especially on ebay. The outstanding range shows the current digital Leica M cameras as well as classic rarities.
What I always want to do: Call Alexander Görlitz from FOTO-GÖRLITZ and ask him how he manages to present the excellent article images of his offers so completely dust-free.

So, if didn't exist, Foto Görlitz would be my tip :-) for used Leica equipment.
Leica M3 - von werkstattüberholt mit Belederung in unserer "Hausfarbe"


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