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Assessment and purchase of large, high-quality collections, collections and studio equipment

Currently, many - surprisingly large and over decades " grown “- camera collections dissolved. Often they are inherited holdings in which a lot of passion (and money) was invested at the time and which usually contain great memories. But there is no longer the generation of collectors who are still actively building up or even continuing such collections.

And so many of my customers are interested in sensible exploitation that is not only price-oriented is. The "legacy" of a great passion should be continued - at least in part - in the preservation of a "use value" for future users and at the same time an attractive sale price for the owners.
One (1) only collection: More than 1,000 mostly high-quality cameras and lenses, plus plenty of photo accessories - distributed in 120 photo bags and photo cases

Photo purchase using the example: This unimaginable photo equipment comes from a single enthusiastic collector. This almost indescribable (and incomprehensible) bundle represents 50 years of living photo history, because this collection was not a showcase collection, but the owner actively photographed, experimented, adapted ...
Collections of this kind are common, if not of this size, incredible quantity, quality and value. To be able to imagine the dimensions: For the transport of this collection we have fully loaded our Mercedes Sprinter (box van - long version) “up to the roof”. We have already “compacted” the existing pieces in the photo bags.

How can we seriously evaluate extensive collections?

The basic requirement for utilization are always existing values ​​"Quantity does not necessarily mean class", a collection of many hundreds of individual items, each with a "value" of only a few euros The bottom line is that it might bring in a noteworthy amount, but it does not justify the individual effort.
Go on below we always start from existing values ​​.

You cannot realistically encompass very large collections “on the fly” assess or even "buy immediately". Any value determination could initially only be provisional and exclude the imponderables such as defects, partial defects, need for repair. In ignorance of all the opportunities, but also the “hidden problems” of such a collection, a correspondingly high risk discount would have to be included in the purchase price. This is why such large collections are ideally not bought "in a moment" but "over time".

We call this the " Commission sale with purchase option ".

How can you avoid the imponderables and achieve the best price for the customer?

The greatest possible profit can only be achieved with the greatest possible effort in recording (functional and condition check), valuation and pricing, cataloging and sales. Large collections are therefore individually - piece by piece, camera by camera, lens by lens - optically and technically checked, assessed, photographed, cataloged and put up for sale. While the first pieces are already being sold, other parts are being checked and assessed, and in some cases repaired. A process of appraisal and sale which, in the case described above, took almost a year. They realize that it would have been impossible to assess and evaluate this collection "in the short term", even within 1-2 weeks, for example, and thus to name a "serious" cash purchase price.

Instead, our customer receives month after month invoices and credits from those already made Sales while other pieces are being recorded in parallel. Each sale is individually documented, our assessment of the condition and value can be found in the item descriptions and sales invoices, the optical condition is documented on the item images. In this way, the entire process of evaluation and sale remains transparent and traceable at all times.

As a dealer, we achieve the best possible market price when reselling, because every item recorded Only receives its value on the basis of the qualified expertise of a comprehensive assessment, technical test and, if necessary, a repair. In addition, as dealers, we are responsible for the right of return, the warranty and guarantee claims of the buyer when selling and create a basis of trust that has a positive effect on the sales prices that can be achieved. We settle the purchase with our customer on this high price basis. In this way our customer receives the best possible price for the sale of his collection.

Comparison between

purchase as “commission goods with purchase option **”

With this "sales strategy", we only buy the items from you at the time they are sold to third parties.

With this you take the "time risk" with us, as the articles are not sold immediately. But don't worry: As a rule, a sale does not take longer than 1-3 months, in exceptional cases up to 6 months, so the time frame remains manageably short.

In addition, you relieve us as a retailer of tied up capital and thus achieve significantly higher proceeds from the sales price actually achieved when selling on commission, as opposed to a direct purchase.

** Self-entry of the commission agent according to HGB

Direct purchase of all parts (immediate purchase, cash purchase):

In the case of an immediate purchase or cash purchase, a prompt, individual assessment is made , especially the valuable pieces. Many other parts (accessories and small parts) can usually "only" be assessed as a lump sum.

The purchase price inevitably includes "negative" criteria and risks such as "difficult salability" (time factor ), Unsaleability of some articles, defects, other "undiscovered" abnormalities.

Conclusion: The immediate purchase brings a quick sale at a price that is fair for both parties with the normal calculations and the usual discounts.

Utilization of large collections and bundles

"The good ones in the potty, the bad ones in the crook".

For many of our customers it is important to be able to sell their collection as a complete package . Time sometimes plays a subordinate role.

Our VALUE method enables this by using choose a suitable form of sale for all parts of an extensive inventory , based on the valuable items and their qualified valuation, processing and, if necessary, repair, and sale via our homepage, at special auctions or to direct interested parties.

Up to the "low values", articles with strong signs of use, defects, hobbyist goods, accessories and parts that we sell as a bundle, e.g. via photo exchanges or via schmidts.photoauktionen  offer. 


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