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Ist das Kunst oder kann das weg?

Credits | Bleed | Light Leaks (incidence of light)

Is that art or can it go away?

Anyone who takes photos with the Lomography plastic cameras "Diana" or "Holga", for example, increases the incidence of light with these cameras and the resulting effects on art. Here the light does not just fall through the lens onto the film, but through the gaps between the various plastic components of these cameras, some of which are not properly installed.

Light leaks can be fun, they can but also spoil the same. Some photographers stick dark adhesive tape over the leaks, others consider the effects to be "experimental".

Contact Sheets | Contact Sheets

In professional analog photography, contact sheets were the first step in selecting photos in the laboratory. The prints were initially used to assess the photographs with regard to their photographic quality and image content. On this basis it was decided whether an enlargement was created and whether, for example, the image effect could be improved by reworking such as "dodging" and "re-exposure". Modern photo editing programs such as Adobe Lightroom digitally reproduce the "workflow" of the darkroom today.
Anton Petukhov
Anton Petukhov


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