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Wartung und Garantie

For many of our articles, in addition to the statutory warranty, we give a guarantee on the services of the workshop. You will find this guarantee described on the right.

Basically, we offer a "30-day trust guarantee" and, in addition, for many of our products a workshop inspection, workshop overhaul (revision, repair), in some cases with the manufacturer with a manufacturer's guarantee.

You can find our various warranty and guarantee services at „Guarantee of trust"
We have carried out an overhaul (technical maintenance) in the specialist workshop on many of our high-quality cameras and lenses from Leica, Rollei, Hasselblad and Mamiya. This includes a thorough inspection, functional test, cleaning and, if necessary, repair.

Leica cameras and lenses are also often overhauled, often by the manufacturer at Leica in Wetzlar. In the case of lenses, for example, the 6-bit coding is subsequently supplemented and combined with an overall adjustment.

All work carried out is documented in the revision report; you receive a 12-month guarantee on these workshop services.

Cameras and lenses that are in excellent condition for their age and that have already undergone a technical revision are marked and described accordingly with our "Premium Seal" and in the offer text.

"Guarantee and warranty"

In principle, “12 months warranty” does not mean a functional promise over this period. Otherwise it would be called a “12 month guarantee”.

In the following you will find out why a "guarantee" is more valuable than the guarantee and why you receive a real guarantee from us in addition to the statutory guarantee on many articles.

"Warranty" for used goods:

As a buyer, you can assert warranty rights if the purchased item has a material or legal defect upon delivery or handover. Even in the case of a mail order purchase, delivery is only deemed to have taken place when the purchased item has actually been handed over to the buyer.

The statutory warranty provision for consumers of 12 months applies to used goods. Exceptions to this are sales on commission in one's own name for the account of third parties, for which warranty is excluded. Commission sales are marked accordingly.

We completely exclude any warranty for used goods for entrepreneurs as buyers.

All items offered are in an age-appropriate, used condition, with normal signs of wear and tear, see also the respective description and photos. The exact function of the shutter, the aperture or other mechanisms or a light meter (if any) are not guaranteed properties and do not constitute a material defect. Obvious defects are described.

As a private buyer, you have a 12 month warranty on all of our items.

This is a legally anchored claim and describes your rights as a buyer towards us as a seller if the purchased item is defective.

Of course, you will receive a visually and technically flawless article, as described in the respective offer. We recommend checking and testing the camera and lenses upon receipt and reporting any discrepancies immediately within 30 days so that we can offer a solution. During this initial period you can, for example, make use of the right of withdrawal and send the item back.

When it comes to “warranty” or liability for material defects, customers often think of a “guarantee”. However, these are completely different meanings, under "warranty" is understood the statutory liability for material defects and defects of title, while the "guarantee" is a voluntary additional service by the seller or manufacturer.

A manufacturer's guarantee of 6-12 months is usual for new goods, in which the manufacturer guarantees the unrestricted function of the article for this period (durability guarantee). This often even includes defects or damage that arise as a result of daily use and wear and tear. Since the guarantee is a voluntary service, the conditions, duration and scope of the guarantee can be freely determined by the guarantor. The guarantor puts the consumer in a better position with his additional guarantee promises compared to the statutory guarantee, the buyer can choose whether he wants to make use of the guarantee or warranty rights.

"12 months warranty" means (in contrast to the "guarantee") no function guarantee or durability guarantee over this period.

A used camera does not last for years, often decades, without faults and flaws. The most beautiful old cameras in particular have often been lying untouched in some drawer for a long time. The “old” mechanics suffer from this, as they are provided with lubricants that resinify over time when not in use. Tension springs in elevators and locks no longer develop their original strength and accuracy; one speaks of material fatigue. Exposure meters lose their accuracy and have to be readjusted. All of this is just as normal with old, used cameras and lenses as it is with the technology of vintage cars or the precision mechanics of old watches. From time to time, a review, functional test, cleaning and, if necessary, repair are necessary in order to maintain the functionality of old camera technology.

In the event of a warranty claim, we usually take back a defective camera for a refund of the purchase price, as repair costs for old camera technology are usually disproportionate to the sales price. In the event of a warranty, we cannot usually offer an exchange, as most cameras are rare individual items.


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