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Our primary business idea is to preserve analog film cameras for generations and make them usable.

Our turnover is generated from used products and services such as repairs.

We buy and sell cameras with a history that often goes back decades. We take values ​​from the past and transfer them to the present and future - for new use and practical value.

That is not the case in Germany, one of the most expensive and heavily taxed economies in the world easy. There are countries with less taxation and lower income to turn a manual labor as labor intensive as camera repair into profitability. And that's why it's not economical to offer or carry out workshop services for all cameras - even those in the lower price segments. It would certainly be desirable to do a lot more Maintaining and repairing analogue camera technology is simply uneconomical under the general conditions. That's why we "build" our business model on durable products that can also create economic value decades after their production. That's why you'll find high-quality Leica and Hasselblad cameras in our shop.

Most of the classic film cameras and lenses on offer are "Made in Germany" (Leica, Carl Zeiss) or from Sweden (Hasselblad cameras). For over 100 years, Leica has been synonymous with cameras and lenses with enduring values ​​such as reliability, durability and quality, which is why a Leica M3 (with the right maintenance) still works well today (after over 70 years!). A sustainable, durable camera technology made of solid metal, without plastic. Meanwhile, 30 years ago CANON probably no longer assumed that their cameras would still work in 30 years.



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